Flavius - Chris T.


About Me

Hello! I’m Flavius, and I am an indie developer that makes games, apps and other fun stuff! I enjoy researching random things, listening to music, and creating things. I’ve been making things by programming since 2008 and have enjoyed every step of the way.


Roleplay Game Live


Bosses? Check! Streamer? Most likely check! Fellow roster? Check! Fight Commence!

A JRPG developed around live streaming!


Flav Creations



August 2018 - Present

Create Ad Infinitum

Indie programmer and developer of games, apps, websites and more.

Library by Streamsounds

Co-Founder, Writer, Web Designer.

August 2020 - March 2021

A collection of tips and advice for streamers by the StreamSounds Commuity.

We heavily research topics that range from: how to use your phone as a webcam, how to set up audio mixing with voicemeeter, and various other tools. What is DMCA and how to avoid it including links to get DMCA-Free music.

Wyvern Weapons


August 2008 - Present

Welcome to the home of unyhielding function and flawless form.

Programmer of weapons to work on various systems within Second Life.


Bluegrass Community and Technical College

ASC of CIT with emphasis in programming.

2013 - 2018

A Little More About Me

I have a bunch of dogs and foster dogs for a dog rescue that I also manage the website and tech sides of things for. I enjoy researching random things and have been working with a friend on a stream tech and information website called Libray by StreamSounds.